All you need to know... about DEBBlinks

What is DEBBlinks’ philosophy?

Who is Debbie?

What are our Programmes?

Do you wish for your child to become a successful adult with good character? 

DEBBlinks was established in 2003 to impact lives through character development. 

Our programmes support building values and empowering your child to be a person of good character. 

DEBBlinks provides a variety of educational drama-based programmes in a nurturing environment.

Our specialist-trained teachers, with love and the support of institutions and parents, your child will be equipped with

  1. *Creativity   

  2. *Motivation   

  3. *Energy   

  4. *Empowerment   

  5. *Challenge   

  6. *Exploration   

  7. *Inspiration   

  8. *Leadership   

  9. *Hope 

DEBBlinks also produces drama skits, storytelling sessions and customised workshops/ talks for children, teens, parents and teachers. 

Carry on reading! Here are our main programmes...

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